The winter of our discontent

Kobe's journal entry 1
Comming together

12 ember 897 Personal journal of Kobiashi Marut

The shadow of Orcus has fallen over our lands. The people of the Vale have gathered into several fortified towns and have left the pastoral setting of their lives for the safety that walls can provide. For those of us in Winterhaven, the hordes of undead that rise in the night to prey on the innocent are held back by the wall. Constructed ten years ago by the church of Bahamut, which was started here by the Mighty Rhogar, the wall has yet to be breached. On this day I have come to a decision. It is up to me to stop the evil tainting our land.

To stop this evil I will need help. To this end I have enlisted a few friends by promising treasure and adventure. Master Danar has kept many secrets from me, but I found the song of the Shadowfell amongst his hidden papers. From this I have found tell of a small crypt just to the north. If this song is kept so secret that a master won’t teach it to his apprentice I am sure the tomb will rest undisturbed. So I called upon the honor of the noble Ipsowon, half-elf cleric of Bahamut and disciple of the teachings of Rhogar. Echeb, a dwarf who has some experience guarding caravans was convinced to follow me with the promise of treasure. Treasure seemed to catch the attention of my halfling friend Bree as well. Her Shiruken and stealth will come in handy I’m sure. * 13 ember 897 Personal journal of Kobiashi Marut

Wow, we left the safety of the wall today and it wasn’t long before some of the scavengers came after us. A goblin war-band came after us, but were not that difficult to kill… next time we will be on alert as we travel though. I’m glad that I was trained by my father to read the signs of nature. I was able to track the one escaping goblin and we followed him back to his war-camp. Though they came on in waves, we were able to kill off all of the warriors and obtained a fair pile of armor and weapons. We were pretty wiped out after this, and decided to camp. Unfortunately, my comrades are a bit overly cautious and decided to camp away from the goblin encampment.

Midway through the night we got a big surprise. Several ghouls came out of nowhere to eat us. The battle was fierce and we were nearly beaten, but with Ipsowan and I to bolster Echeb, and Bree to back us all up, we were victorious… bruised and broken, but victorious. Off to the keep tomorrow.

_14 ember 897 personal journal of Kobiashi Marut_*

The last leg of the journey was super easy compared to the trials to get here. As we approach the Keep on the Shadowfell we are greeted by the garrison guards that have taken up residence there to limit the evil that can escape from the rift there. They were fairly helpful, but had no knowledge of the crypt of which we seek. Spending little time there we forged ahead to find the lost crypt.

Luckily my superior knowledge of history and nature allowed me to guide the team straight to the site of the ancient grave yard which was marked by a few stones and a mound of dirt with a mostly obscured door. After taking a few minutes to pry open the door, we head down into the tomb. The oppressive darkness reached out to envelop us, dulling our senses to the danger ahead. The danger came in the form of several zombies led by a ghoul. Obviously these creatures had been denning here for a while and their next meal was being held in the corner. The battle was fierce as we had little practical experience in dealing with danger. After slaying the horrid undead, we escorted the damaged captives out of the tomb, but not before retrieving the magically forged weapon and armor that was laid to rest with the baron that had been burried here.


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