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The World as we know it

The four continents of Erdan-Tal are seperated not just by geography, but by cultural gaps as well. Little trade flows between them, but the trade that does is highly profitable. To the north lie the lands that comprise Yabba, the northern continent. These lands are a loosely confederated group of kingdoms, principalities, shires, vales, and unsettled lands that may not always work together in harmonious bliss, but that will stop their petty squabbling long enough to stop any outside invaders that try to take the continent.

The Southern Empire of Korrill is looked upon with suspicion by most everyone else. One lans and ruler controlling an entire continent seems unnatural to the common dweller in other lands. The prosperity that holding the entire continent gives keeps the empire mostly content to stay within it’s borders… for now.

To the east lie the Outlands. They are a brutal place of unbridled savagery and unparalelled beauty. Here the creatures of long ago ages roam free from persecution by the humanoid races of the other lands. The few tribes of “civilized” races that do live here have adapted to live completely in harmony with the creatures and environs here. Most outsiders consider them savages and little more than the animals with which they live.

The western continent of Shir Na Rog lies home to many of the more exotic races. On this small continent the creatures from other planes have entire citiesFrom these cities they send out members o their races to approach and monitor the “lesser” races. Some few humans, elves, dwarves, and the like are allowed to make homes here, but most that do are subtly changed by their time here and seem alien to their fellows back home.

Main Page

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